Saturday afternoon

3.30 pm-5pm: Choirs change in the rooms assigned to them.

5:00: Church opens.

5:00: Choirs assemble at  Place de la Mairie and walk towards Church of Aumetz (built in 1955 to replace the cathedral of the Pays-Haut which was bombarded during World War 2).

5.30 pm: speech and presentation, then:                        

  • Concert :
  • Each choir performs a programme of his choice (20 minutes duration).
  • All choirs join together to sing the ensemble song.
  • 7:30 pm – 8:00 pm: End of the Concert.
    Meal and party in multipurpose hall for choirs and public.
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Evening entertainment by Jeannot and his gossip.






The choirs are free to sing at any time during  the meal to add to the festivities.

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