International choral festival, Aumetz, Lorraine, France

2023 festival


This 2023 festival will be held in "L'Arche" (Villerupt), Boulange, Aumetz and Oberkorn (Luxembourg)

April 21, 22 and 23, 2023.

Six choirs will participate: the Dames de Choeur d'Anloy (Belgium), Pevska Skupina Studenec (Slovenia), Razdolie (Luxembourg), Cantus Gaudium (Luxembourg), the Choeur des Collines (France) and the Voix de l'Est (France). Do not hesitate to discover them here.

Introducing our festival

Located in an district long marked by the exploitation of iron mines, we want a festival above all popular while highlighting the quality of the choirs.
Long affected by the labour immigration from which most members of our association come, we also want it international.
The choirs that, since 2014, have made us happy to participate, perfectly reflect this dual will. They're listed here.
Finally, we want it warm and friendly. Every effort is made to ensure that everyone has a good weekend, including through the discovery program of our region.
And from the beginning, the Mines en Choeurs festival has always been particularly appreciated by the participants whom, for many, we have been able to meet in their own country.

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2022 Festival : a successful 10th festival despite the sword of Damocles of Covid

After a year 2020 without a festival and a festival 2021 without foreign choirs, this time we were able to receive three choirs including two foreigners who were able to take up the challenge and joined our local men's choir, the Voix de l'Est.

This choirs were : Cor Chairlinne (Carlingford, Ireland), Coro Delphum (Dervio, Italy) and the Charolais-Brionnais men's choir (Poisson, Burgundy). The three concerts we gave in Rédange, Aumetz and the new cultural center l'Arche de Villerupt delighted the well-stocked audience despite the difficult restart of cultural activities due to the epidemic. You can find photos of it on this page and the videos on it.

And in addition, these concerts, sightseeing, cruise and party enchanted our guest choirs. After these three days, the separations were very difficult!

Let us thank again our partners who believed in it. You will find the logos at the bottom of the page. We thank in particular the Community of Communes Pays-Haut - Val d'Alzette as well as the municipalities of Aumetz and Rédange, the councils of Fabrique de Rédange and Aumetz, Abbé Banassim.

2022 is dead, long live 2023.

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