3:45 pm Place de la Mairie (Town Hall): Welcome Reception for the choirs.

A room is assigned for each choir (rest, change, rehearsal).

4:30 pm Short Outdoor concert (Aubade)

 Choirs can stroll to the outdoor stage in front of the Place de la Mairie in the Town Square (1 song each).

5:00 pm: Official Opening of the Festival

Each choir is invited to a reception in Place de la Mairie to mark the official opening of the festival. If the weather allows it, we will go there in parade behind the irish bagpipes.

At the end of the lunch, rehearsal of ensemble song.

6.30 pm: Departure for the concerts, half of the choirs at the church of Rédange, the other at the church of Aumetz.

8:00 pm: Start of each concert.

       Each choir will perform a program of choice (30 minutes duration )

        The choirs will join together to sing the ensemble song.

Evening meal for all choirs after the concert at the Multipurpose Hall in Aumetz.

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Last edited: 13/09/2021