The choirs of 2024 festival

Les Dames de Choeur d'Anloy

In 2017, with the arrival of its conductor Anna Lutomska, the Harmonique, a mixed choir, became a women's choir, due to a lack of male choirs. The "Dames de Choeur d'Anloy" were born. Anna Lutomska, a graduate of the Poznan Conservatory in Poland, has been conducting them brilliantly ever since. The repertoires chosen are varied, combining sacred music with world music and secular songs. Since 2017, the women's choir has been organizing the Fête de la Musique in the commune of Libin, the feast of Saint Cecilia followed by its traditional dinner and is invited to animate various Christmas concerts in Libin, Saint-Hubert, Recogne, Nadrin, Champlon and Porcheresse. At the beginning of 2020, the choristers flew to Poznan, their conductor's home region, to give three concerts. And, in all these circumstances, the choir can count on the unwavering presence of its talented pianist, André Gillet.

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Vokalna skupina goldinar

Vokalna skupina Goldinar

The vocal group Goldinar was formed in 2003, when seven boys from Postojna and Pivška were united by the desire to sing well. Over the years, they expanded their initial desire to sing mainly Dalmatian songs to a rich repertoire, ranging from local folk and artistic songs, through arrangements of popular music, to church songs, including black, Christmas and Renaissance spiritual compositions. In recent years, despite the rich collection of Dalmatian folk songs for which they are known, primacy has been taken over by native Slovenian song.

The Goldinars like to point out that they're not motivated by competition, which isn't to say they don't try to sing well. In addition to numerous performances throughout Slovenia and abroad, they can also boast a gold medal at a competition in Slovakia, a gold medal at the Coastal Singing Group Competition, a prize for the most promising debutant at the Selection Review. They also performed at the Naša pesem singing competition in Maribor where they won a bronze medal. Their commitment has also been recognized by the Municipality of Postojna, which awarded the vocal group Goldinar a plaque for its work in the field of musical creativity.

Cantus Gaudium

The Cantus Gaudium Vocal Ensemble, as the name describes it, is dedicated to supporting the joy of singing. Most of the 20 or so men, almost all of whom are part of a mixed choir, enjoyed the idea of broadening their horizons by singing in an ensemble of male voices. The ensemble was created spontaneously in 2015. Rehearsals are not done regularly during the year, but each time by 'project'. Thus, the repertoire is very varied, always with the challenge of presenting an adapted and evolving program. The Vocal Ensemble is under the committed direction of Mrs. Nancy

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This Russian term takes up the concepts of wide open spaces, plenitude and fulfillment. Founded in 2015 with five Russian-speaking women from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia, today the heart represents a part of the Russian-speaking world of Luxembourg. "Razdolié" is a close-knit collective, made up of 16 active and enterprising women, for whom singing is more than just an activity. It becomes a profound and spiritual experience. A male voice has recently joined us and we hope to become a mixed choir.
Since the beginning of its existence, 7 years ago, the choir has performed in many Luxembourg municipalities, in the concert hall of the Conservatory, in Greek and Russian Orthodox churches. The choir has participated in music festivals in Paris and Brussels, and has performed at concerts in Germany and the Netherlands.
The choir's repertoire consists of East Slavic songs, opera choruses, songs from the Soviet period, modern and classical songs as well as songs in Latin, Luxembourgish, English and French.


The Latvian Choir of Luxembourg, Meluzīna, which brings together Latvians and their friends of other nationalities living in Luxembourg and its surroundings, continues a long Latvian tradition of academic choral singing in Luxembourg. Established in 2012, Meluzīna regularly gives concerts in Luxembourg and abroad, collaborates with renowned choirs and musicians and has established itself as one of the best Latvian choirs. Its choir director, Julija Norvele, is a graduate of the prestigious Latvian Academy of Music.
Meluzīna's great annual concert is traditionally his Advent concert – a much-awaited event enjoyed by all lovers of choral singing. In 2016, Meluzīna had the pleasure and honor of giving a concert at the Musée d'Orsay in Paris on the occasion of the opening of the Baltic Festival.
Participation in the Song and Dance Festivals in 2013, 2018 and 2023 in Latvia were the most memorable events in the history of the choir among musical projects and concerts in Brussels, Liège, The Hague, Metz and Riga.

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Les Voix de l'Est

The men's choir "Les Voix de l'Est" was founded in 2014 in the Association "Mines en choeurs".
He interprets world songs, traditional and popular, in Slovenian, Croatian, Dalmatian, Russian, Italian, Sardinian, Sicilian, English, Gaelic, Basque, Cajun, German, Swedish & French (a little bit).
He gives a dozen concerts a year, in Lorraine, of course, but also elsewhere in France (Burgundy, Vienna, Cantal, North, Basque country) and in Europe (Ireland, Scotland, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland).
You can find them on their website.

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