The choirs of 2023 festival

Les Dames de Choeur d'Anloy

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Pevska Skupina Studenec



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Cantus Gaudium


Le Choeur des Collines


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Les Voix de l'Est

The men's choir "Les Voix de l'Est" was founded in 2014 in the Association "Mines en choeurs".
He interprets world songs, traditional and popular, in Slovenian, Croatian, Dalmatian, Russian, Italian, Sardinian, Sicilian, English, Gaelic, Basque, Cajun, German, Swedish & French (a little bit).
He gives a dozen concerts a year, in Lorraine, of course, but also elsewhere in France (Burgundy, Vienna, Cantal, North, Basque country) and in Europe (Ireland, Scotland, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland).
You can find them on their website.

Last edited: 02/02/2023