• 2022 festival

    • On 04/12/2022

    Sunday 24/04/22

    This morning, a little tourism. We meet in Remich (Luxembourg) for an hour of free time in the city or on the banks of the Moselle. At 10am, boarding for a cruise on the Moselle until 11.30am. The weather is cool but sunny, the good mood reigns, the choirs sing.

    Back to Aumetz to have lunch together and rest a little.

    5pm: concert in the church of Aumetz. The church is filled with spectators (about 300) conquered by the quality of the choirs.

    8pm: We meet at the multipurpose hall where, after our last meal together, we still sing. The festival ends, the farewell is heartbreaking.

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  • 2021 festival

    • On 12/02/2022

    Because of the health crisis, we were unable to receive any foreign choirs this year. But taking advantage of a lull in the epidemic and refusing to leave 2021 and 2020 blank, we turned to quality regional choirs who were very happy to return to the stage giving the best of themselves.

    We organized four concerts.

    - Friday 19/11 at the Salle des Fêtes in Villerupt with Vox Femina, the Choeur de Jeunes de Lorraine, the Voix de l'Est.

    - Saturday 20/11 at the church of Boulange with the Joyeux Compagnons and the Voix de l'Est.

    - Saturday 20/11 again at the church of Aumetz with Cantilys, Emyo, the Joyeux Compagnons and the Voix de l'Est.

    - Sunday 21/11 at the EON space in Ottange with Amatys, Barytenbas and the Voix de l'Est.

    The large public allowed us to collect 4000 € donated to two departments of the Bel-Air hospital heavily solicited during the epidemic.

    We warmly thank the eight choirs as well as the municipalities and councils of fabrique who received us. More info about choirs here. See also our photos and videos.

  • Festival 2019 - Sunday April, 28

    • On 03/05/2019

    Remembrance day. We go from good morning to Douaumont, place of great battles during the 1914-1918 war.

    After a visit of the site shortened by the rain, we go to the chapel where each choir interprets a song of recollection.

    We take lunch in the Multipurpose room of Aumetz: menu sauerkraut.

    After a short rest, we meet at Piennes for the concert of 16h in front of a large audience (full Church) once again conquered.

    The municipality then offers us a hearty meal during which the songs still go before a very sad farewell.

    But, for sure, we will find ourselves elsewhere, in Sweden, Austria or Slovenia.

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  • Festival 2019 - Saturday April, 27

    • On 03/05/2019

    This morning, a little sightseeing. Boarding in Remich (Luxembourg) at 9am to ascend the Moselle to Sierck-lès-Bains where we arrive at 10:15. The time is not really with us but the good mood reigns despite everything.

    Small walk to climb to the castle that we visit. Then, before a drink offered by the tourist office, we sing in the gun room.

    Return to Aumetz for lunch all together and rest a little.

    5pm: concert in the Church of Aumetz. We are joined by Barytenbas from Bouzonville. The Church is full of spectators (about 300) conquered by the quality of the choirs.

    20h: dancing evening with 250 guests. Ambiance, ambiance... Thanks to Jeannot and his friend for the animation. Thank you to our volunteers and to l'harmonie D'aumetz for impeccable service as well as throughout the Festival.

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  • Festival 2019 - Friday April, 26

    • On 02/05/2019

    3.30 pm: we warmly welcome our guest choirs from abroad: Carpe Vocalis from Sweden, Kvartet Soncek from Slovenia and Oktet Suha from Austria.

    We go to the Hall of the old temple for making contact and repeating common songs.

    5pm: official launch of the Festival in town hall where, after the speeches of use of the elect and our President, the Voix de l'Est interpret the Marseillaise and then all the choirs are found for an ensemble song. A lunch comes to close this inauguration.

    20h: concert in the Church of Thil.

    22h30: reception very friendly with lasagna handmade by the municipality of Thil and Madame la Maire, Annie Silvestri, departmental Councillor.

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