2023 Festival

Sunday 23/04/23

This morning, we meet in Remich (Luxembourg) for the traditional cruise on the Moselle for 1h30. Choristers can thus discover the Moselle valley with its vineyard hills. The sun is out, the good mood reigns, the choirs sing.

Return to Aumetz to have lunch together and rest a little.

4pm: as a continuation of Esch 2022, we go to Oberkorn (Luxembourg) to give a concert in the local church.

7pm: We meet at the multipurpose hall where, after our last meal together, we sing again. The festival ends. We made great friends again.

Saturday 22/04/23

At 10am, we come to the Aumetz Mining Museum for a guided tour in several groups with translation for our foreign friends. This museum is worth as much for what it presents as for the knowledge and motivation of its guides.

At 12 noon, lunch at the Salle des Spectacles.

At 2pm, we go to the church of Boulange. The concert we give is followed by an attentive and knowledgeable audience larger than in 2021. Interest in choral singing is growing.

At 6pm, concert in Aumetz. The church is full. The audience is excited and warmly expresses its contentment.

At 8pm, return to the Salle des Spectacles for a meal in a friendly atmosphere. Thanks to Carmelo and his group for their beautiful animation.

Friday 21/04/23.

3:30 pm: we welcome with great pleasure our guest choirs from abroad: Pevska Skupine Studenec (Slovenia) and the Dames de Chœur d'Anloy (Belgium) as well as the choir of the Collines de Caumont-sur-Durance (Provence). Tomorrow, we will be joined by Cantus Gaudium and Razdolje, two Luxembourg choirs.

We go to the Salle des Spectacles to make contact and rehearse the common song.

4 pm: official launch of the festival at the concert hall where, after the usual speeches by elected officials and our President, all the choirs meet for ensemble singing. A wine of honor closes this inauguration.

6pm: arrival at the cultural center l'Arche de Villerupt for the sound system settings. The stage managers guide us perfectly with a lot of patience and understanding.

At 8pm, concert. We are very well sounded and artistically lit. Singing in a concert hall like this is extremely enjoyable.

At 10pm, lunch at the Salle des Spectacles.

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